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Husband and wife shot as children watch

Started by Families Against Legalized Violence Apr 4, 2012.

Aiyana Jones, 7-Year-Old Shot And Killed By Detroit Police, Was Sleeping According To Family

Started by Families Against Legalized Violence Apr 4, 2012.

Howard Morgan, Black Off-Duty Cop Shot 28 Times By White Chicago Officers, Faces Sentencing

Started by Families Against Legalized Violence Apr 4, 2012.


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“Stand In Your Brokenness”

It has been said “What don’t brake you will make you”. Well I’m broken in my Spirit and I feel the Pain in my body. I must stand in my Brokenness and in my Pain.

My Mother lost her balance and she fell. I tried to catch her, 185lb, I only broke the fall and she endure her walker hitting her in the arm, causing serious pain. Pushing her lifeline button, emergency services came and rushed her to the hospital.

Waiting several hours with my mother at the hospital, I began to… Continue

Posted by Ms. Felecia on April 4, 2009 at 10:20pm — 1 Comment


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Families Against Legalized Violence (FALV) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to affect true balance in the judicial system across the country that demonstrates fairness in the handling, charging, convicting and sentencing practices towards African Americans as we stand up and say 'no more'; enough is enough.

Many African Americans have faced the judicial system with charges that range from traffic violations on up to murder, and statistics show they are found guilty more often and sentenced to much longer terms than anybody else - even with no prior criminal record. Further, in many of those convictions the evidence used was weak and/or the defense attorneys, judges and mediators persuade them to plead guilty and take a plea bargain.

Feel free to review the many cases in our FORUM on the many innocent young African American men who were shot, suffocated  killed at the hands of police officers or grossly mistreated by/through the judicial system. You will also find the names of the officers, judges and/or district attorneys in the cases where applicable and available. We feel this is particularly important because they are the people who made the decision to carry out injustice - not the "judicial system" itself which is inanimate.

If you are African American you probably have a friend, family member, or yourself who were/was violated through the judicial system on some level. We can use this forum to publish your story. Feel free to start a group or forum for discussion and dialogue to take place concerning your case.

What ‘Legalized Violence’ Means

Violence is defined as the exertion of physical force so as to injure or abuse; an instance of violent treatment of procedure. Injury by or as if distortion, infringement, or profanation: outrage. The key to understanding the true definition of the word ‘violence’ is made evident in it’s root word, ‘violate’ which means to break, disregard; to do harm to the chastity of a person (i.e. rape); to fail to show proper respect for. The etymology comes from the latin 'violentus' and 'violare' which means "force; to violate, treat with violence, outrage, dishonor".

Notice the emphasis is not on the method by which ‘violence’ is carried out, the emphasis is on the motivation behind the method. Words like infringement, disregard, rape, abuse, exertion, profanation all speak to malicious intent behind an unearned or unwarranted encroachment by one entity against another. Violence also has an aggressive connotation and the underlying impetus behind violence is destructive in nature as it is inflicting an unearned or unprovoked attack, violating it’s victims and causing an imbalance.

In short, legalized violence is the use of the judicial system as a tool or venue to enact violence against someone as defined above through legal means.

Many aggressive district attorneys and police officers are more concerned about their careers where their success is measured by the number of convictions they win and arrests they make instead of the number of cases they were successful in uncovering the truth; whether or not it wins them a conviction. These district attorneys and police officers (regardless of race) are disconnected from feeling the guilt that their actions cause in disrupting the lives of the innocent people they swore to protect and serve. If the worse charge an officer who guns down an innocent African American will face is a 'violation of civil rights' [and most of them are acquitted], then there is no wonder it continues to happen. If there are no measurable negative consequences for these kind of action then there is no motivation for change.

Why is this important?

Inner city police shootings of innocent unarmed African Americans (especially young men and boys) claiming they thought they had a gun or they felt their lives were in danger is on the rise. Nearly 100% of these police officers are acquitted of all charges and allowed right back on the force as though nothing happened to continue living their lives [just like Roy Bryant and J.W. Millam have been allowed to continue living their lives after torturing and killing young 14 year old Emmitt Till in 1955] while the families of the victims are left with the burden of living without their loved ones for the rest of their lives.

The public schools have working relationships with the police force which result in criminal records for our children on minor offenses prior to graduating high school. What used to be classified as classroom misbehavior in some cases is now classified as a crime. In 2004 African American men between the ages of 18-29 represented only about 14% of the US population of young men in that age group while representing 40% of the prison population for that same category in 2005. It has been reported in 2007 that the fastest growing prison population in the world is African American female. This implies that either African Americans have a predisposition for crime or there is an unstated/un-admitted reality that they are being unfairly targeted, charged, convicted and sentenced through the judicial systems around the country and the world; the latter of which FALV intends challenge.


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