Young Black Man calls police and gets shot

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When Andre Doss was shot in the upper torso, family members said by a police officer, it was all being recorded. Doss: "Oh Lord, please, please, please, please, please, please, please ... call an ambulance! Somebody shot me!"

Doss: "Why did you shoot me? Why did you shoot me sir? Holy ... help me God."

CBS 2 HD exclusively obtained the audio tape where you can hear the 26-year-old saying he's the one who called police to his father's contracting business off of St. Georges Avenue.

Doss: "I called you guys. I called you guys 'cause someone was trying to shoot me. Oh my God. Why are doing this? What's this for? What is this for?"

Officer: "Got a search warrant."

The Union County prosecutor's office is investigating, trying to determine why the officer fired his weapon.

Doss is recovering at a local hospital, in stable condition.

"We don't know as far as the doctors what they're going to do with him," Doss' mother, Rhonda Julius, said.

Julius also said the police told her the officer slipped on wet pavement and the gun accidentally went off.

"Basically the cops kicked in the door, [Doss] opened the officer door and when he opened the office door the cops shot him," Julius said.

Here's more of the audio:

Officer: "Try to calm yourself down. That's the whole thing. Calm yourself down."

You can hear Doss on the recording pleading with police to take off his handcuffs.

Doss: "Help me … Can you take these off of my arms. I am not dangerous. I'm no danger."

Officer: "You're a suspect right, all right? We're here for a reason."

The officer eventually took off the restraints.

Doss: "I'm going to die."

Officer: "You're not going to die."

Officer: "Ambulance is here."

Prosecutors told CBS 2 HD Roselle Police were executing a search warrant, after investigating a drug distribution operation out of the business.

"[The father] called him instead of them responding. I don't know what went wrong," Julius said.

Police said the officer who fired his weapon -- a 19-year veteran of the force -- has been placed on leave as this investigation continues.

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