I am Woman
I am Powerful

I am wisdom, for I innately understand things you have yet to discover
Through my mind’s eye, I have seen you do things you refuse to admit
I am the heaven on earth that you seek
I can bring you pleasure that makes you forget all of your worries
Come and lay your burdens down by my riverside
I embrace your sensitivity, hold you inside and extract your life force
I marvel at my strength as I watch you fall into a deep, peaceful sleep
I smile as I think to myself:

I am Powerful

I am the earth that receives your seed, hold it in gestation and return to you a reflection of yourself
I am the real ‘Stargate’ that leads you into this dimension
The portal through which every man must travel to experience this reality
No man can come here, except through me and by my permission

I am Woman

My breast fills with milk that nourishes your body and protects you from disease
I supply your shrine with the sustenance you need to mature,
Mother instinctively knows exactly what to do
When I have weaned you, I continue to nurture your body as I prepare your daily feasts
I equip your mind with the wisdom I inherited that teaches you how to think, instead of what to think
I cultivate your spirit with the true-story of who you were, who you are, and who you are to become

I receive your protection that maintains the strength of the culture you and I created
I recognize your power and willingly submit to your leadership in the areas that you are best prepared to lead
As you recognize my power and willingly submit to my leadership in the areas that I have been best prepared to lead
Our relationship functions harmoniously progressive because of that simple exercise in wisdom that religion discourages.

I calm your soul as you cry on my shoulder while no one is looking; you know I will keep your secrets
You are free to be yourself with me, and still receive guidance from me to sharpen your judgment
We grow together in age, family, strength and wisdom for
I am your complement, your balance; and you are mine
Your battles are my battles; I fight with you and for you, never against you. We fight as one
With me you are safe; with me you are at peace, with me you are at home,

Together We Are Powerful

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