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Comment by Families Against Legalized Violence on February 1, 2013 at 9:45am

Images like these are targeted to the youth and subconsciously represented to them as people they should aspire to be by them flaunting their money, wealth, women, guns, and people who are free to do whatever they want to do without consequence. But these people are acting and the images are not real. When our children mimic these on any level (dress like this, posture like this, frown, don't smile or just call themselves "gangsta" like them) they usually feel like they’re not hurting anybody. But when those children encounter a police officer who also sees and formulate their own (and/or socialized) opinions about what these images represent, the children are almost always viewed not as themselves but as these images which are as easy to kill as the images in a video game.

This assessment in no way excuses police for their inhumane act of taking people's lives. If they can't distinguish a real person from their individual opinions of him/her in the heat of the moment, they should not be authorized to approach any person or carry firearm. And if viewing images are going to prejudice their judgment, they should make the professional decision to not watch them or buy into the hype. But those of us who are aware of this have a responsibility to fight against and expose any dangers to our children that they may face and prepare them to protect themselves wherever possible; whether pedophilia, kidnapping, racism, police brutality and police killings, etc. That responsibility also lies with these people who voluntarily participate in and perpetuate this harmful example to the children for the sake of personal financial and popular gain. The ones who loose are the children who fall victim to this (whether through being forced into modern day constitutionally legalized “13th Amendment” slavery, loss of family support because of their buy into the hype, or are killed); the parents who are forced to continue their lives with the innately unnatural experience of living without or longer than their children and the children who would have been born through those people who are locked up or were killed as a result of a simple encounter with a police officer. This site provides many specific examples of such encounters where the victim was not doing anything wrong and was unarmed, and the police officer was not punished or made to pay any restitution to the family of those victims for their loss.

All participants, on every level must acknowledge and own their role in it, and make a conscious decision to change it. This vicious cycle has to stop!


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